Prometeo (Nono) in Buenos Aires


Its now quite a few years since I last worked on “Prometeo” and I think its one of the greatest pieces ever written. The score is not printed, so the autograph is all we have, which is interesting. But also confusing, because so much of the work isn’t really written down.

Here just a few little Nono-isms from the score:

This is an excerpt of the speaker’s line from the “Prologue”. They are reciting extracts of Hesiod’s Theogony. The part says “Heino”, because the speaker at the first performance was german writer Heiner Müller.


Here a bit of the Chorus part from Isola 2. The straight lines indicate approximate pitches with the hands closed in front of the mouth.


And a string bit inspired by the bow technique of Nono’s friend, double-bass player Stefano Scodanibbio


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