Copenhagen Philharmonic @ Christiania: Hammers, Toy Pianos and Penguins.


This week, Copenhagen Philharmonic celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Danish Composers Society with two concerts at Gra Hal in Christiania/ Copenhagen.



The program consists entirely of works by young danish composers:

Nicolai Worsaae – Zugendlos
Martin Stauning – Fortsat go’ weekend
Mette Nielsen – If I had a Hammer
Movement – Christian Winther Christensen
Concerto for a Movie Loop – Christian Winther Christensen
Rune Glerup – Piano Concerto (excerpts)

The composers came up with the whole concept for the evening, which involves videos and various visual interludes. The pieces are all very different, some more conceptual than others: Mette Nielsen’s piece, for example, is a sort of sound installation with her hitting a brick with a hammer in front of a video screen and the orchestra providing a slowly shifting sonic backdrop, and Martin Stauning’s number involves the composer playing a toy piano in front of the orchestra.

Here we’re sitting together with the composers after the dress rehearsal, today, letting it all sink in:


The Stauning piece also has me reciting a phrase in Danish that says: “Spred dine ben i få stavelser og jeg vil kalde dig pingvin”, which apparently says “Spread your legs for a few syllables, and I will call you penguin”.

All happening tonight in Copenhagen.



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