Ligeti disc on the BIS label released

Catalogue Number BIS-2209 SACD EAN 7318599922096 Format SACD Hybrid Release date Dec 2016 Total time 71’30 buy it here Described as ‘one of the most innovative and influential among progressive figures of his time’, György […]

Caffeine and Tchaikovsky

Where? Lidl Boavista, Rua Agramonte, Porto (Portugal) A local supermarket. With the food still packed in boxes. How much? 0.60 € for a pingo (an espresso with a splash of milk) Served by Cristina We’re […]

El poder transformador de una ópera (spanish)

Text for the latin-american premiere of “Die Soldaten” (Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, 2016) Baldur Brönnimann   La Ópera en la Alemania de posguerra era una forma de arte históricamente comprometida con el fascismo. Especialmente los […]

Von Ausländern und Inländern

Meine persönliche Sicht zur Durchsetzungsinitiative Vor 21 Jahren habe ich die Schweiz verlassen. Danach lebte ich 13 Jahre in England und mittlerweile 8 Jahre in Spanien, hatte feste Engagements in Kolumbien, Norwegen und Portugal und […]

10 essential facts about György Ligeti

1. As a kid he created an imaginary country called Kylwyria Imagining parallel worlds is thing many kids do. But in true Ligeti fashion, he meticulously described Kylwiria, invented a legal system, created a grammatically […]

The Ligeti Playlist

This list contains some of the most significant works by Ligeti in roughly chronological order. A bit of a listening guide to his musical world. 1. Balada si Joc for 2 violins – One of  his earliest […]

Solid music, liquid times

“To be normal is the aim of the unsuccessful” (C.G.Jung) Liquid world Recently I read some books by the Leeds-based polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman about what he describes as “liquid” contemporary life – quickly changing […]

Principal Conductor with Basel Sinfonietta from 2016

DIE BASEL SINFONIETTA ERNENNT GEBÜRTIGEN BASLER ZUM PRINCIPAL CONDUCTOR UND SCHLIESST ERSTE PHASE DER UMSTRUKTURIERUNG AB Die Basel Sinfonietta ernennt mit Baldur Brönnimann erstmals in ihrer 35-jährigen Geschichte einen Principal Conductor. Zudem beendet sie die […]

“10 things” – The response and some thoughts

Some days after posting, my blog “10 things that we should change in classical music”  has had nearly 100’000 visits, and the number is still growing. It’s obviously impossible to keep track of the countless reactions, […]

The “Leningrad” symphony and the Falange

Last week I spent a week  at the RNCM in  Manchester working, amongst other things, on Shostakovich’s Leningrad symphony. During the week I had many doubts about the piece – this is music where the […]

Bit 20 – Season 13/14 brochure and new website!

This season, we’ll present the norwegian premiere of Romitelli’s seminal “Index of Metals” at Borealis Festival 2014, Martin Matalon’s scoring of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” movie, conducted by the composer himself plus many other world premieres […]

talking to Djuro Zivkovic – 24/9/2013

On the 29th of September, we’ll play Djuro Zivkovic’s “On the Guarding of the Heart” at Logen in Bergen (Norway). Djuro will also accompany us on a Bit Lounge, the new post-concert event which is […]

Talking with Lene Grenager – 11/9/2013

This week on Friday, we’ll play the premiere of Lene Grenager’s new Orchestral work, VEV, with Oslo Philharmonic at the Konserthus in Oslo. Here is a little chat I had with Lene:   What does […]

Bit20 gets new grant for education projects

  Bit 20 got a 100 000 € Arts develompent grant to develop childrens projects with Contemporary Music over the next three years. The funds come partly from Hordaland County council and Bergen City council. […]

Prometeo (Nono) in Buenos Aires

Its now quite a few years since I last worked on “Prometeo” and I think its one of the greatest pieces ever written. The score is not printed, so the autograph is all we have, […]

Preview to the 13/14 season

  After two months of summer, there are still some sounds of last season hanging around in my head. But in a week’s time, I’ll be back on the road, discovering new places and new […]